We Supply Lancaster Businesses with Quality Stationery

Targeting Rapid, Reliable Supply Channels for Your Business

Office Supplies are not important to you until, of course, you have got that vital supply; the paper of the toner essential for that vital piece of photocopying or the inkjet cartridge to print a quotation or letter.

We can help you avoid problems by anticipating, planning and understanding your business.

To ensure continuity of vital office supplies you need quality service, product and support provided by a reliable supply partner who can anticipate your needs.

Targeting Office Efficiency Savings

Stationery is a small part of your day-to-day business needs but it’s amazing the amount of time spent scanning catalogues, talking to potential suppliers and haggling about pennies on the price of paper.  Do you believe that this is time well spent? We don’t?

Purchase orders absorb time and money each costing around £57* to process by the time the products are delivered, checked, put into stock, invoices matched, statements received and cheques raised.  These are hidden costs that we can help you eliminate.

Office efficiency is not just about introducing a new filing or telephone system; it is about making savings in your existing cost areas.

*Information from The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.
It must be stressed that the examples shown do not relate to a particular organisation but should be used as a guidance as to the probable costs involved in raising a purchase order and the aligned processes.

Logistics Support behind Our Organisation

  • £50m Stockholding
  • Over 19,000 product lines
  • Over 98.6% availability
  • State-of-the-art automated order fulfilment
  • 11 strategically place Distribution Centres
  • Nationwide, Next Day Delivery Service

The need to get goods to you quickly and efficiently to ensure that you enjoy the highest levels of service has lead to our expansionist investment policy in a modern, automated distribution network.

Behind our organisation lies a structure and total logistics package that would be difficult to equal.  This provides you with a wide choice of product, increasing stock levels and automated handling systems that result in rapid, accurate despatch.

Our aim is to SAVE you space, time and money.